Tuesday, 31 October 2017


THE DARKER CURMUDGEON will deal with issues, memories and things of interest that are unsuitable to or inappropriate for the other blogs in the CURMUDGEON family.

Some of these may well be confessions of actions or thoughts from the past.

Please note that THE CURMUDGEONS (soon to be incorporated as CURMUDGEONS INCⓒ) are considerate to readers by separating out posts and publishing them under the suitable 'family name' without resorting to the use of bizarre alter-egos nor cobbling them together in a confusing manner under the one blog heading.

CONFESSIONS will be elaborated further in future posts but some examples of these will be:


  • What really went on at The White Sport Coat and Pink Carnation Society 
  • A day in the life of a delivery driver at Murray Robert's Wines and Spirits 
  • Growing marijuana in suburban Wellington 
  • Learning about wine through appropriation 
  • Memories of girlfriends past through music 
  • Stealing the neighbours cowboy guns when I was a kid 
  • Making up 'sins' in the confessional at school 
  • Pretending to be not at home when kids come to the door on Halloween night 
Yes, I can see that these will be very exciting but you will have to be patient as I have responsibilities to the other blogs including the three WINE GUY blogs. Busy, busy, busy.

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