Friday, 3 November 2017


The King hasn't been sleeping well recently. The King (self-proclaimed) was leader of The White Sport Coat and Pink Carnation Society (WSCPCS) back at university in the 1970s (yes Robert - the 1970s). The King has been watching recent news reports that are exposing sexual abuse by men who have had positions of power over the last 50 years or so. Hollywood moguls, British politicians, actors, businessmen, news gurus - everywhere women (and some men) are coming out and laying complaints against these people for assaults that go back many years.

The King is worried.

Unnecessarily so.

If the King was to exercise his memory properly he would remember that the WSCPCS was spectacularly unsuccessful in attracting nubile young women, or indeed any women, to its social activities. There was zero chance that the King had got his hands on, or even his eyes on a woman.

He is safe and should sleep properly.


The Curmudgeon can sleep properly.

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